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Weight loss services
We get it. The idea of a testosterone center may spark images of man-cave decor, while weight loss services leave you expecting more of a med spa experience. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that TestoThera Testosterone & Weight Loss Clinic doesn’t live up to either stereotype. When you walk into our Katy, TX office, you’ll find a passionate team dedicated to helping active people stay active. Here are some of our services that are designed to help you back to doing what you love.

Testosterone Therapy

When you’ve been a lifelong athlete, low testosterone can be the worst kind of game changer. Low testosterone can have a huge impact on both men and women by lowering your energy levels, contributing to weight gain, and making muscle mass harder to maintain.

The good news is that there are now plenty of treatment options that can restore your hormones to their optimal levels. Our experienced professionals can help by getting you set up with the best testosterone therapy options for you.

Weight Loss Services

Let’s face it: weight loss isn’t always a matter of discipline or willpower. At TestoThera Testosterone & Weight Loss Clinic, we’ll help you evaluate your bloodwork and medical history to find out the real root of the problem.

Then, we’ll discuss possible weight-loss treatment options, such as Semaglutide®. This non-stimulant medication can help you feel fuller after eating fewer calories, which can go a long way toward achieving your weight goals.

Vitamin Injections

Whether you need extra energy to push through a half-marathon or want to boost your immune system to ensure you don’t miss it altogether, we’ve got you covered. TestoThera Testosterone & Weight Loss Clinic offers a variety of vitamin injections that can help optimize your body’s performance.

Discover How TestoThera Testosterone & Weight Loss Clinic Can Keep You Feeling Your Best

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