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TestoThera is your Weight Loss Center

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Clinically Supervised Weight Loss

Have you tried the popular diet programs? Have you told yourself your going to stop eating certain things? Have you given up eating out because you feel guilty?

If you have tried all of these things and still have not been able to get the body you want then it’s time to try it the TestoThera way.

At TestoThera we will supervise your weight loss therapy in the clinic. This is an important step towards achieving your goals because what works for others in weight loss may not work for you.

Body Fat Measuring

TestoThera has multiple options to help you with your body transformation ranging from

  • Prescription Injectable Medications
  • Prescription Oral Medication
  • Dietary programs
  • One-on-One physician driven weight loss consultation
body fat measuring

Oral and Injectable Prescription Weight Loss Medication

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These medications have different effects and will be tailored to fit your weight loss road blocks. Consult with a TestoThera specialist today to find out what treatment best fits your life style and weight loss goals.

Oral Prescriptions

Injectable Lipotropics

Injectable Prescriptions

weight loss clinic tx

As part of our weight loss treatment every new weight loss patient will undergo various testing to ensure you are being safe while undergoing your body transformation

  • Body Scan Analysis
  • Heart Testing (EKG)
  • Full Physical Examination
  • Blood work*

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Difference Between TestoThera Weight Loss and Advertised Weight Loss Drugs Shown on Television?

At TestoThera, our weight loss treatment considers the hormonal balance or imbalance in each patient’s body. Because of this, our weight loss plan is able to target long-term results for each patient, defeating the myths that advertised weight loss drugs, pills, or overnight-cures, as shown on television, can help you lose weight in a significantly short time. With an expertly-informed treatment plan, the weight loss program at TestoThera works to not only help patients lose weight but balance their hormones for positive change in their bodies for a lifetime. 

In addition, our weight loss treatment not only involves patient dedication to diet and exercise, but it also comes with a dedicated team. You are not alone on your weight loss journey at TestoThera. With personalized diet plans and one-on-one coaching with a physician, our goal is to help support you while you are on your way to feeling your best.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From the TestoThera Weight Loss?

When undergoing weight loss treatment, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations. Studies have shown that men who undergo testosterone replacement therapy lose an average of 20% of their body weight. While this weight loss will not occur overnight, with the right diet, continued exercise, and easy-to-maintain lifestyle changes, patients will begin to notice weight loss and changes in their bodies within four weeks.

Who Is A Candidate for TestoThera Weight Loss Treatment?

Anyone may undergo TestoThera weight loss treatment as long as they are in overall good health and do not have any underlying medical conditions that may prevent them from committing to a new lifestyle of balanced dieting and routine exercise. Postmenopausal women and men with low testosterone may benefit the most from our focused weight loss treatment. Any patient with a hormonal imbalance who has not seen weight loss results from diet and exercise alone may find that hormone replacement therapy is the one thing missing from achieving their goal weight. Patients who can maintain realistic expectations about how their body will look after treatment will be the most satisfied with their weight loss results.

What Can I Expect From My First Consultation at TestoThera?

With a team of healthcare professionals, board-certified physicians, licensed healthcare practitioners, and medical assistants who all understand that hormone balancing can lead to a lifetime of change, the team at TestoThera is ready to help each patient with a personalized plan. During your first consultation, our team will take time to get to know you, your needs, your medical history, and your goals. To learn more about TestoThera’s weight loss treatment, call 346-202-6671 to reach our office in Katy, TX. To schedule your first appointment, click here