At What Age Can Men Benefit From Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone Therapy 
You may have thought that low testosterone is a consequence of age. However, testosterone therapy is administered based on need and is not based on age. 

Discover what symptoms low testosterone may cause and determine how you may begin benefitting from testosterone therapy earlier than expected.

Testosterone Levels Typically Decline After 30

According to experts, testosterone levels naturally decrease after the age of 30, which is when men typically start complaining about symptoms. Symptoms of low testosterone include: 

  • Low Energy that is unable to be remedied by sleep. 
  • Cognitive Troubles, from concentrating to decision-making.
  • Trouble Losing Weight, even with diet and exercise.
  • Low Libido, including demonstrating erectile dysfunction.
  • Being Physically Weaker.
  • Emotional Problems, such as increased anxiety or depression.

Testosterone is a necessary hormone that regulates a variety of key physiological functions. Lowering levels can lead to numerous problems. However, even though researchers think levels start to decrease after the age of 30, new research may suggest that testosterone therapy may help even earlier. 

Testosterone Levels Are Decreasing Across the Nation 

According to a study of men across different ages, physical activity levels, and lifestyle choices, researchers found that testosterone levels have decreased from generation to generation irrespective of their differences. Researchers theorize that the testosterone decrease could be attributable to environmental factors that haven’t been identified as of yet. 

Regardless of why testosterone levels seem to be decreasing, the main issue is that they are. This means that testosterone therapy may be beneficial from an even earlier age. 

Find Testosterone Therapy at TestoThera Testosterone & Weight Loss Clinic

Testosterone therapy can offer a variety of benefits and address symptoms of low testosterone. Working with professionals who can expertly administer the therapy and monitor your health through body scans, EKGs, physical examinations, and blood work may help you achieve significant results.

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